Review of Twitter and Blogs

The use of twitter was something very different and unique. It gained the attention of many of my friends and family who are active on social media and gave me the opportunity to talk about the module. This then developed into a wider discussion among friends who have nothing to do with the course yet felt very interested. Tweets from fellow colleagues in class helped to focus on how they view the subject. Moreover, the involvement of those outside the classroom around the world helped to acquire knowledge and opinions that wasn’t present in the classroom. The word limit for each helped to convey clear and direct notes for myself.

However, during the first few sessions I found it difficult to multitask in terms of listening to the audio and tweeting at the same time. A lot of time was spent on making sure what I write made sense not just to myself but to others therefore time was wasted on re writing and focusing more on the audience of my tweet rather than my own learning. I felt that the main aim of most of the tweets was to gain the attention of Dr. Mitra and lost its relevance and main purpose as it went on. I felt hesitant involving in conversations with other tweeter users who are outside of the classroom, mainly because I felt the conversation could lead to a conflicted argument.

The use of blogs was a great tool to remove communication barriers with other people in classroom. It helped provoke further thinking into the subject and gather information that you have missed out from others blogs. Furthermore it made use of the tweets that had been created during the session and helped to flush out unwanted information. The blogs showcased how the class reacted to each session and identified where you stand as an individual among your colleagues in conflicted opinions.

The negative side of blogging was the lack of motivation to write the blogs also I felt that there was not enough engagement within the class on reading each other’s blogs and commenting. This was mainly because of the difficulty to search for each blogs.

Overall the use of twitter and blogs helped myself to be more engaged in the module and to stay up to date with the course. I felt that the blogging cloud have been more centralised such as using a system similar to the University’s e-Portfolio website in order for the class to be engaged more actively. Storify is a great tool to recap tweets and make sense of the conversations however, it felt unnecessary along the way as most of it was just repetition.


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